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  1. The Suns Coming Up
  2. The Old Gospel Ship
  3. This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me
  4. Mama's Prayer
  5. Marriage Supper Of The Lamb
  6. This World Is Not My Home
  7. Look What's Waiting For Me
  8. Flow Thru Me
  9. Sweet Beulah Land

  1. Bound For A City
  2. Had It Not Been
  3. Canaan Land Is Just In Sight
  4. Joy In The Morning
  5. Sounds Of That City
  6. Tears Will Never Stain
  7. When He Was On The Cross
  8. It'll Be Worth It After All
  9. Serenaded By Angels

  1. Come Morning
  2. Consider The Lilies
  3. He Touched Me
  4. Learning To Lean
  5. Sheltered In The Arms Of God
  6. I Can't Even Walk
  7. Outside The Gate
  8. No One Can Wear My Robe